Our Cemeteries & Mortuaries are private property, owned by, overseen by, and subject to the canonical authority of the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Los Angeles. Disposition rights may be purchased by Catholics, and members of their families, for burial in a grave (interment), a crypt (entombment), or a niche (inurnment). Ownership of the real property to which disposition rights are purchased is retained solely by the Archdiocese. Should you need clarification on any matter, or if you have any issues or questions not specifically addressed below, please contact the Cemetery Office.

Our Archdiocesan Catholic Cemeteries & Mortuaries are an extension of our church community. They are a sacred testament to our belief in the resurrection of the body: holy places for prayer and consolation. They serve our parishes in ministering corporal and spiritual works of mercy: burying our deceased Catholic brethren and their family members, comforting the sorrowful, and praying for the living and the dead with all attendant rites of the Roman Catholic Church.


Memorials must be either granite or bronze and are subject to cemetery specifications and requirements. All other types of materials (e.g. marble, lime stone, synthetic, etc.) are not permitted. If a memorial is purchased from a source other than the cemetery, the purchaser or memorial dealer is charged with the responsibility to contact the cemetery in each instance, and in timely fashion beforehand, to ensure that the product meets our specifications and requirements. No memorial may be installed, removed or worked on without written authorization from cemetery management.

Cemetery Visitations

Please respect the privacy of our patrons and the dignity of our deceased. Visitors who do not act in a respectful manner, or exhibit unruly behavior or noise, may be asked to leave.


Out of respect for the privacy and dignity of our patrons and our deceased brethren, and so as not to compromise the ability of our workers to perform their tasks, we do not permit picture taking, videotaping, filming or visual recording of any kind.

Prevent Theft

Please lock your vehicle. Do not leave valuables or personal effects unattended. Management is not responsible for possessions, valuables, or property brought into our cemetery.

Animals and Pets

Not allowed on the grounds or in the buildings.

Picnicking at Grave Sites

The use of lawn chairs, umbrellas, tables, ice chests or canopies lacks decorum and is therefore not permitted. Consumption of alcoholic beverages is illegal and not permitted.


Children under 15 years of age must be accompanied by a parent.


Music at grave sites should be liturgically appropriate, and is permitted only if it is not disruptive to other services or intrusive to the peace of visiting patrons nearby. Music should be reasonable in length, no more than a total of 10 minutes combined for a grave site service.

No Soliciting or Distribution

This is private property. No soliciting of goods or services of any kind, including, but not limited to. flowers, music, memorials, burial containers, insurance, landscaping, or maintenance permitted without the written authorization or approval of cemetery management. No distribution “informational? materials, donation request materials, or collateral sales material is permitted without the written authorization or approval of cemetery management.

Speed Limit

Maximum speed limit in the cemetery is 15 miles per hour.


No Littering. Trash containers are conveniently located at curbside throughout the cemetery.

No Outlining or Trenching

In the interest or maintaining uniform beauty and in compliance with cemetery Rules and Regulations by all Burial Right Holders, the outlining of graves by digging trenches and filling them with decorative rocks or other materials, cutting sod away from memorials and planting dichondra or other types of grasses or foliage is not permitted.

Flower & Holiday Decorations Policy

Catholic Cemeteries & Mortuaries understand the desire of families to pay tribute to their loved ones interred in our Cemeteries. The following rules and regulations have been established to preserve the beauty and aesthetics of the cemetery. In addition these policies are intended to ensure the safety of those who visit and those who maintain the cemetery. Please review carefully and address any concerns or questions to the cemetery management office.

Catholic Cemeteries allow for the placement of fresh cut flowers only. No artificial flowers are permitted. All flowers must be placed in vases approved by and installed by the cemetery. Vases may be purchased through the cemetery office. The cemetery will in no way be responsible for the care, safekeeping, or condition of flowers left on the cemetery premises.

The cemetery does not permit the use of outside vases or any other types of flower containers. This includes but is not limited to, glass vases, crockery jars, plastic or clay pots.

Flowers placed on gravesites, crypts and niches will be removed every Thursday to allow for the maintenance of the cemetery. Flower removal schedules are posted at the cemetery entrances and are also available in the cemetery office. Exceptions to the removal schedule are made to accommodate Advent (Christmas) and Lent (Easter). Please check with the cemetery office regarding our Advent and Lenten Schedules as they change from year to year.

Catholic Cemeteries allow for the placement of small United States Flags throughout the year as part of a floral arrangement utilizing the vase. An exception is made for Veterans Day and Memorial Day, when small flags may be placed on the gravesites directly. All flags will be removed on the scheduled flower removal dates. Removed flags will be handled in accordance with United States Government flag handling guidelines. Families wishing to retain their flag must remove it prior to the scheduled removal date. The cemetery is not responsible for loss or damage to flags placed on gravesites.

No standing decorations of any kind are permitted. This includes but is not limited to, potted plants, artificial flowers, helium balloons, whirligigs, pinwheels, vigil candles, toys and other objects. Please see our Advent and Lent policy for possible seasonal exceptions.

Adhering or attaching items to Crypt or Niche fronts is not permitted. The use of glue, tape and other adhesives cause damage the Crypt and Niche surfaces and is not permitted at any time. Should you wish to personalize your Crypt or Niche; religious emblems are available for purchase in the cemetery office.

Funeral Flowers are removed on the second day following the funeral service, or as deemed necessary to ensure safety of visitors or to avoid hindrance of cemetery operations. Families wishing to keep funeral flowers are advised and encouraged to retrieve them from gravesite before leaving the cemetery. The cemetery is in no way responsible for the care, safekeeping, or condition of flowers left on the cemetery premises.

In observance of Advent (Christmas) and Lent (Easter) our policy is relaxed to allow families the opportunity to use items otherwise not permitted throughout the remainder of the year. Please review the policy carefully as schedules will be posted and any unpermitted items will be removed by the cemetery. You are reminded that this is a Catholic Cemetery and all decorations must be respectful of and non-offensive to the religious nature and precepts of the Catholic Church. It is important to remember that the individual decoration of a gravesite may not hinder access to other gravesites.

Decorations Permitted

Christmas Flower Schedule flyer 2019/2020
Beginning Friday, December 13, 2019 through Wednesday, January 8, 2020:

  • 2.5 ft Christmas tree, tree ornaments made of plastic, fabric, wood, rubber or paper (one per space)
  • Poinsettias and other plants in plastic pots (one per space)
  • Christmas Wreaths (one per space)
  • Small Nativities made of plastic, fabric, wood, rubber or paper (one per space)

The Following items are allowed per the posted schedules during Lent (Easter):

  • Christian Crosses no larger than 2 ½ ft made of Styrofoam, fabric, paper, wood, or plastic (one per space)
  • Easter Lilies in plastic pots (one per space)

Decorations Not Permitted

The following are not permitted at any time:

  • Decoration of the cemetery landscaping – e.g. trees, shrubs, lawns, statues and features.
  • Decorative fencing around gravesites or trenching of grass to outline boundaries
  • Use of flowers, garland or other items to outline the boundaries of the gravesites, crypts or niches.
  • Music boxes and other battery or electrically operated items
  • Glass, or other fragile ornaments
  • Standing decorations – e.g. Santa Claus, Snowmen, Candy Canes, Nut Crackers, Easter Bunnies, Easter Eggs, Easter Baskets, artificial grass

It is important to understand that the cemetery is not responsible for the care, maintenance or condition of items left on gravesites, crypts or niches. Please note that the cemetery encourages the use of fresh cut flowers only. The Cemetery is not obligated to pay for or replace any items removed, broken or stolen from gravesites, crypts and niches.

The cemetery reserves the right to remove any flowers and/or decorations to allow for ongoing operations such as funerals and general maintenance activities. Any items not specifically permitted by the cemetery may be removed without notice.

Your cooperation and understanding is appreciated. Please address any concerns or questions to your Cemetery Manager.