We offer a variety of choices for cremation, all of them keeping with the requirements of the Church. With inurnment, families can choose from the range of options also available to those who choose traditional burial.

Community Mausoleum

Community Mausoleums provides two options for urn placement – either in a crypt or niche. Niches are smaller in size and only used for urns containing cremated remains. While crypts are traditionally used for caskets, patrons will select a crypt to be near other entombed loved ones.

Family Estate

The cremation estates are an excellent choice for those who prefer cremation, but still want to keep their family close together. The cremation estates are similar to the family burial estates except instead of in ground burial spaces, an above ground columbarium is featured.

Below Ground Lawn Crypt or Lawn Space

Cremation gardens are developed to accommodate cremated remains in the same manner as a casket burial. Each space is much smaller in size reduces the cost. Urn outer burial containers and memorials are used as well.

Feature Niche

Feature Niche is a focal point in a garden or section of a cemetery. They can be a religious sculpture or mosaic that has multiple niches installed as part of the base supporting the feature.

Cremation Feature Pedestal

Feature Pedestals are designed for single family use where the urn(s) containing the cremated remains is placed inside the pedestal.


A cremorial is a unique cremation burial option. The urn containing the cremated remains is placed in a pre-installed ground canister and the memorialization is part of the cremorial.

Traditional Funeral Service Offerings

Catholic funeral rites are a rich part of Catholic tradition and offer many benefits for those who have passed as well as for their loved ones. All Catholic funerals stay connected to the faith, yet offer options to make every celebration of remembrance unique.

Our Offerings

Beginning more than 50 years ago, Catholics introduced the opportunity to choose cremation as part of the funeral and burial tradition. This practice includes the most important rituals that are part of the Catholic tradition, though we offer two options when it comes to cremation. All cremation offerings include support from our staff and mass (either at one of our locations or at your parish) and the committal service. Also included is a remembrance package (personalize Register book, memorial video, prayer cards and acknowledgement stationary, direct cremation as well as honorariums and advances for music, flowers, other services and permits. Our Conventional offering means the mass takes place prior to cremation, whereas our Alternative offering means all services take place after cremation.

Offerings & Services

Our wide range of offerings vary based on location. Contact us at our locations to learn more.