Traditional Burial or Entombment

Catholic Cemeteries & Mortuaries offers a wide choice of burial options that accommodate the long standing traditions of the Catholic faith and cater to a wide variety of family and cultural traditions.

Community Mausoleum

A Community Mausoleum is the ideal option for those seeking a traditional burial with a casket and wish to have their final resting place be above ground. Mausoleum burial is clean, dry and ventilated, and it compares favorably with the cost of in-ground burial by eliminating lots, vaults, monuments or memorials. Simply put, Community Mausoleums are buildings that house many Crypts & Niches. Many people prefer Crypts as they protected from all of the changing elements present in ground burial. Crypt ownership provides year round visitation, regardless of the weather, in a beautiful, inspirational setting.

Family Estate

Those looking to have several family members together in one cemetery in a particular section should explore the two Family Estate options.

Family Monuments: Family Monument sections are blocks of the cemetery reserved for a family and loved ones. Each section usually has an upright monument and adjoining families will be buried beside their graves. These spaces accommodate 2-16 family members depending on selection.

Private Estates: The Private Estate selection commonly accommodates 2-8 loved ones and is usually walled and gated or hedged by vegetation. The gates, walls or hedges are usually 2-3 feet in height to provide a fully private section. For those wishing to have a private or semi-private estate, this would be the best option.

Below Ground

Often regarded as the most traditional interment, ground burial offers a closeness to nature that symbolizes a closeness to God. When selecting traditional ground burial for interment there are two main options to choose from: Traditional and Lawn Crypt.

Lawn Space allows those seeking to choose the space, outer burial container and the memorial. One space can be used to memorialize two people together.

Lawn Crypts are a newer kind of underground burial. They offer many features of an above-ground mausoleum and simplify the process without needing to choose the vault. Each lawn crypt uses only one space to memorialize two people together. The vault is prebuilt; and the memorial is included in the package.

Family Monuments are a more personal option for those who desire a larger cemetery lot for family members. The monument serves as a beautiful focal point on the grounds and provide personal tribute to loved ones.

Traditional Funeral Service Offerings

Catholic funeral rites are a rich part of Catholic tradition and offer many benefits for those who have passed as well as for their loved ones. All Catholic funerals stay connected to the faith, yet offer options to make every celebration of remembrance unique.

Our Offerings

Every traditional funeral service offering includes support from our staff and facilities for a vigil at our mortuary locations, mass (either at one of our chapels or at your parish) and the committal service. Also included is a is a remembrance package (personalize Register book, memorial video, prayer cards and acknowledgement stationary, floral allowance and advances for honorariums, music, certificates and permits. There are three traditional funeral service offerings: Commemorative gives you six premium casket offerings; Conventional allows you to choose from five casket offerings; and our standard casket is part of the Basic offering.

Offerings & Services

Our wide range of offerings vary based on location. Contact us at our locations to learn more.