Bereavement Support

Grief over the loss of a loved one: a very difficult time for families and friends, and a great concern of the Church.

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Help Through a Difficult Time

You and your family’s best source of support can be found at your local parish. Your parish priest can help you through the healing process, and countless parishes offer bereavement support groups and counselors.


With care and dignity, with proper training, we can offer immeasurable solace to those left behind. That’s why Catholic Cemeteries & Mortuaries has overseen the formation of a comprehensive Bereavement Training Program for Catholic Clergy, Religious, Hospital, Hospice and Laypeople.

The program, which requires a strong attendance commitment, is designed to help create the basis for a Bereavement Team in each parish in the Archdiocese. To that end, we recommend that five or more persons from each parish attend — people who will commit themselves in a caring way to journey in faith with the bereaved suffering a loss in their community.

If you are interested in becoming involved in bereavement help, please contact us at (213) 637-7801.