A Letter from Archbishop José H. Gomez

My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

We know that loss is a normal part of our life on earth. All of us – and all of our loved ones – must pass through death in order to enjoy the fullness of God’s life in heaven. At death, life is changed, not taken away.

In the Church we find comfort in this common faith. As Christians, we grieve with our fellow believers. We share their sorrow. And, through our friendship, those who mourn can begin to experience consolation.

The Church is there for you when you are grieving. That is why the Archdiocese of Los Angeles is pleased to share with you a new way in which we show mercy with the addition of Catholic Mortuaries. Both organizations, Catholic Cemeteries and Catholic Mortuaries, have earned the trust and gratitude of the people of our archdiocese. Their combined ministries will now be known as Catholic Cemeteries and
Mortuaries, and they will continue the works of the past decades without interruption.

Through the ministries of the Church, Jesus remains always with His people. He rejoices with us at the beginning of life, at every baptism. He is there at the sickbed if we are anointed. He is there to bless our marriages by the sacrament of matrimony. He heals us in Confession, and He shares His body and blood with us in Holy Communion.

He wants to be with us to the end. And He wants to be with us as we mourn the passing of our loved ones. Remember, Jesus Himself wept at the grave of His friend Lazarus.

Catholic Cemeteries and Mortuaries will help you prepare for those moments – offering you guidance, good counsel, and a variety of burial options according to Catholic teaching. Their services now cover the entire burial process. Jesus Christ is with you in the Church. And so the Church wants to be with you during this process to help make it as easy as possible for you during what can be a difficult time.

The Works of Mercy instruct us to “bury the dead” and “pray for the dead” and “comfort the afflicted.” This is the job description of the people who serve you at Catholic Cemeteries and Mortuaries. This is their calling within the Church. Our Catholic Cemeteries and Mortuaries will care for and bury our faithful departed with the love and respect they deserve as children of God so that their souls may rest in peace in God’s loving embrace in heaven.

May Our Blessed Mother Mary watch over you and your families, and may our good God bless you and keep you and make his face shine upon you.

The Most Rev. José H. Gomez

Archbishop of Los Angeles